Moonbird Zero Waste Underwear

We are pleased to stock some wonderful kids underwear by this innovative and sustainable Australian fashion brand. Happily they are made with GOTS certified Organic Cotton, Zero Waste cutting techniques, Fair Trade initiatives and Environmentally Friendly Dyes.

Here's why Moonbird is unique: 

Moonbird are B Corp Certified

What is a B Corporation?

B Corps are social enterprises that value their workers, supply chains and the environment. They aim to use business as a force for doing good.
Businesses go through an involved auditing process in the areas of environmental, charitable, worker and supply chain standards and financial transparency.
We are proud to be a B Corp and work with B Corp International to promote the accreditation system and we choose to collaborate with other B corps who we recognise to be aligned with our values.
There are over 1,752 B Corporations worldwide and the number is growing every week.
As a consumer you have far more power than you realise and every dollar you spend will help create a fairer more sustainable future. We're heading there, welcome aboard!

Why Organic

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. In developing countries cotton may account for 50% of total pesticide use. Accidental pesticide poisoning is common among farmers, and the cost of buying the pesticides can cause some farmers to be faced with such insurmountable debt that they take their own lives. The pesticides and fertilizers used in conventional cotton production can cause skin irritations and be carcinogenic.

5 Reasons Why Organic is Better:

  1. It allows farmers to make enough money to live on by reducing their expenses and giving them a 20% premium on their sales.
  2. It eliminates toxins in our environment, which means it’s better for farmers, better for animals and better for us.
  3. Diversity allows farmers to grow food crops to feed themselves. Conventional cotton is grown as a monoculture, meaning it’s the only crop grown. Farmers are unable to grow food in the same soil because the cotton pesticides are so toxic. This means that farmers have to buy their own food, rather than having the ability to be self-sufficient.
  4. Organic cotton is often rain-fed, not irrigated as in conventional cotton farming and therefore it uses less water.
  5. By eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilizers the process of growing organic cotton produces 94% less greenhouse gas emissions.


We believe that in business we should respect people, planet and animals and therefore we do not use animal products in our collections. 

No Waste

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our footprint on this earth, so when we realised that there were small amounts of waste left over from cutting out our 100% organic cotton jersey tops, we decided to find a use for the off-cuts so that they weren’t destined for the rubbish bin. 
We noticed a lack of reasonably priced organic children’s underwear and felt that this would be a good product to introduce. The underwear is made only from off-cuts that would have eventually ended up in landfill. Small amounts of left over fabric mean that the production run is also small and we will only produce them at the same time as our tops. So when they’re gone they’re gone!

Climate Friendly

We are working with Climate Friendly to offset our carbon emissions from freight, travel and waste. This year we are proud to be carbon neutral in Australia and we will work towards offsetting our manufacturing process over the next few years.

Charitable Giving

Supporting women is at the very core of our business and each year we will be donating 10% of Moonbird profits to Cancer Council Australia's Pink Ribbon campaign. This campaign funds research into finding a cure for breast and gynaecological cancers. Every year around 18,000 Aussie women will be diagnosed with one of these types of cancer. The Cancer Council also helps women during their treatment and we want to support the great work that they do.

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