Flushable Paper Fleece Liners


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The Disana paper fleece liners are made of compressed cellulose wood pulp making them tear-resistant. Added to the cotton liners in the nappy, it picks up solids, keeping the nappy cleaner. The used cellulose liner can simply be flushed away with the solids.

We discovered these late into cloth nappy-ing and it certainly makes changing a soiled nappy a whole lot more pleasant! No more scraping the nappy off. Once you get a feel for your baby's toilet routine you can work out when you'll be needing to use one and when not to bother so you don't need to use one sheet per nappy necessarily. I think they are definitely worth having to hand and Disana's ones are very soft on the bum and the least like paper that I've come across. 

Tip! If you change baby and the liner is not soiled, just pop it in the nappy bucket with the nappy and they will go through the wash for another use or can be used as flushable wipes for messy clean ups.

Paper fleece liner, 100 sheets per roll, Sheet 36 x 16 cm, Sustainably sourced wood pulp/cellulose. Suitable for septic tanks. Will actually biodegrade unlike bamboo "flushable" liners!

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