Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Cover / Change Mat


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These flat mattress pads are ideal for use in your baby's cot, changing place or where ever they sleep. Very useful for co-sleepers and especially helpful when feeding lying down which can lead to milk stains on the mattress. They are made with brushed organic cotton so they are soft and natural to touch on both top and bottom with a fine layer of breathable (food-grade) polyurethane sandwiched between to ensure it is completely waterproof.

The larger pad is ideal for children who are recently going without a night nappy or kids who may occasionally wet the bed. The brushed cotton nape stops the pad from sliding around under the sheet and it is soft enough to have on top of the sheets as well to sleep directly on. It's the loveliest mattress protector I've found and really does help save your mattress and the laundry pile. 

Brushed Organic Cotton with Polyurethane Inlay
Made in Germany by Disana

Sizes: 50x70cm and 70x90cm 

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